Five on Fashion PB : Isabelle Aquino, Saks Palm Beach Contemporary Go To Girl and Stylist Extraordinaire



This week in S5A on Fashion we are lucky enough to get to chat with longtime Saks Palm Beach Style Star Isabella Aquino. Having been at the Palm Beach store for over 12 years, isabelle has seen it all when it comes to Island Style. Her breezy, fun attitude has earned her a very impressive and loyal clientele that she considers friends. Hailing from Poland, Isabelle has a unique take on all things style that she shared with us today.

1. Did you always dream of being in fashion, or did you fall into the business by circumstance?

I never really planned to be in the fashion industry, but after 12 years at Saks on the Island I have come to love it. I am less about the trends then about the unique opportunity I have to really make people feel good and confident just by showing them a new look or style that makes them look and feel fabulous. Sometimes a client will balk at one of my suggestions, then, trusting me enough to try it, they are completely transformed and excited by what they see in the mirror. I get to do that. It’s really satisfying.

2. Who is The Palm Beach Shopper?

A Jet Setter. It’s sounds cliche, but I work with women every day who are jetting off to New York, Paris, Switzerland, on Safari in Africa, Moscow-everywhere. Often they come in and say, “Isabelle I am going to where ever, and I don’t know what to bring or what to wear. Help Me!” I’m lucky I have traveled extensively and grew up in Europe, because I can usually pull exactly what they will feel most comfortable in when entering another culture or country.

3. What’s the worst trend you’ve seen since working in the industry?

I hate to say it, it’s taboo, but we once carried a Zac Posen collection several yeas back, and I just didn’t get it. It was probably me, everyone else loved it, but I like classic pieces that never go out of style and it seemed too trendy. I am also, don’t tell anyone, not into the leather sweatpants or really any pant with elastic at the ankle. Just not my taste.

4. What trends are on the floor during this Palm Beach Season?

We have lots of twists on the motorcycle jacket styles, leather pants, coated jeans for the young and old that work day and night. We have very nice new Elie Tahari, Theory, and Ralph Lauren collections that just came in, and being in Wear I am always excited for Fall Fashion that feels fresh and versatile from day to night. 

5. What is your personal favorite piece you have in your own closet?

A leather Tahari Jacket…I will wear it forever. I love it!

Isabelle can be found most days buzzing around Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach’s second floor making women laugh and feel beautiful at the same time. Her style is refreshing and fun, and so is she. A Saks veteran, albeit a young one, who knows her fashion and really makes the effort to know her clients. Visit Isabelle at S5A at 150 Worth Avenue for the best of the best shopping experience in town. We love Isabelle, and so do her loyal clientele!”

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