Rumor has it there’s a Global Wine Shortage on the Horizon, luckily Scotti’s on South County has My Back

Joe and Vinnie Brothers and Owners of Scotti's Fine Wine and Liquors

Joe and Vinnie Brothers and Owners of Scotti’s Fine Wine and Liquors

Part of the charm of living on Palm Beach is getting to know the local merchants that make living on this Island so special. Being marooned over this past summer, sometimes the only other human beings I’d see were the owners and workers of local businesses and restaurants. Like when I lived in Manhattan, part of the fun for me has been finding my “go-to” places in walking distance for all of my life necessities.  One of my favorite stops of the day, not every day if my Mom is reading this, is Scotti’s Fine Wines & Liquors. This place is great! It’s like walking into the Palm Beach of the 50s complete with two Italian American Brothers from New York running the show. Joe Azalino and Vinny Vigliotti bought the Iconic liquor store in 1999 after the original Owner, Scotti, got into some trouble and needed to unload it fast. That story is a little vague, but it only adds to the hilarious old world vibe. Scotti’s carries more than just liquor and wine, they also carry beer, cigars, cigarettes, refreshments, and will even create unique wine gift baskets upon request. So, last week when I heard about a possible international wine shortage, I high tailed it to Scotti’s to get the scoop. I know the Brothers can get anything from anywhere, no matter how rare or expensive, but being a single girl on a budget I needed to know if I should stock up on my Kim Crawford now in preparation for the impending crisis!  After having a good laugh at my panic attack, Joe told me production may be down, but most Island clientele want wine to drink now, being a seasonal and holiday escape for most residents, and any shortage would only prove a problem, or eventually a gift, for collectors and Vintners. Relieved I asked them if they would be willing to contribute to my blog throughout season so I could stay abreast of what’s trending in wine and spirits, as well as in the loop should there be any interesting acquisitions or sales. After some negotiating, or begging, they agreed!  So over the next few months check in here or with Scotti’s for all things drink on Palm Beach during the 2013/2014 Season. For now, if you’re trying to find the coveted Bordeaux Chateau Le Pin 2004, Krug Clos du Mesnil 1996, or Domaine de la Romanée-Conti 2003 call Scotti’s first, but if, like me, you want a refreshing white for drinking tonight they’ll happily hand you a bottle of Cakebread or Camus and send you on your way. No attitude, no pretense, just top-notch service, an excellent selection, and great Guys who truly know their stuff!

Partner Joe Azalino bought Scotti's onn South County in 1999 with his Brother in Law Vinny Vigliotti

Partner Joe Azalino bought Scotti’s onn South County in 1999 with his Brother in Law Vinny Vigliotti

SCOTTI’S WINES AND LIQUORS (369 South County Road 561-655-5480) excellent selection of fine wines, champagne, liquors, beers, sodas, mixers and waters. The also carry an assortment of cigars and cigarettes, gourmet foods and condiments, snacks and candies. They are also happy to create beautiful, custom gift baskets.

Scotti’s offers complimentary delivery to the home, office or boat.

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