Wonder Twin Powers Activated on Palm Beach Island..My Body is So Grateful.. Magic..in My Own House! Heaven

How incredibly awesome is the new Royal Poinciana plaza? I call it my favorite office. I grab my unbelievable coffee at Saint Ambrose, Pop in to the stores hunting treasure, fashion, art, and jewelry for my clients, and head to the courtyard to set up my laptop then I’m off and running. The people watching, the revitalized energy, and shopping are off the charts! I even hit Soul Cycle for my daily detox. It’s a gift to our community.

So last week I was interviewing an artists for my blog, when she suddenly whispered, “2 o’clock!”I said, “one sec..”No. You must look. Two O’clock!” She stressed. I kept writing, I was in the zone.”The two most gorgeous men just walked by. Twins, Mel. Twin gorgeous guys!” I looked behind us, and there were the Gordon brothers, friends for years in LA, here, on the Island.”Oh my God! I know them for LA!”She was flabbergasted. “Set me up!”

I stood up and we were all equally shocked and thrilled to reconnect somehow on The Island. The Gordon brothers, Dr.Hugh and Dr.Drew, were not only the go to chiropractors in Hollywood decades, at their practice Courtyard Wellness, but they were like the Kings of Equinox in West Hollywood. I watched the women, all LA gym styled in full make up and inflated buttocks, swarm them everyday. Hilariously entertaining. What in God’s name were they doing in Palm Beach?

It turns out they were done with LA like I was. When I moved there in the late nineties, as they did, it was a blast. Business was thriving, people were still inspiring, and the beauty of the totality of the environment was still majestic. Hello 2017 :(. The once proud city is a cesspool of faux outrage, diversity gone rogue, and mass hysteria. We laughed about it for a while. I missed these two. Like me also, their mother, they adore beyond anything else, was getting up there in age, and  they were to a level of success and experience that a move to Florida absolutely made sense. I agreed of course.


So, The Fabulous Doctors Gordon have taken their expert chiropractic background, along with their mindfulness and wellness approach to obtain optimal full body potential, and launched their exclusive mobile therapeutic massage for mind and body business in our town. Their travels to some of the most luxurious mansions on Ocean, and their hour or 90 minute magical full body rejuvenation sessions are becoming the go to distressing for some of the busiest and most successful Island residents. Of course, my friend bought a package by the end of our conversation.


Talk about background? Not only do they both are fully trained chiropractors, but their superior approach to mind-body rejuvenation and realignment, mixed with a fully knowledgeable and educated on the body and its proper functioning potential, which made their service irresistible and addictive to everyone devoted patient I knew in Lala Land! Just to get the full picture, I recruited my friend, who already purchased sessions, of course mainly because they happen to be gorgeous men (and she is looking-always-ha!), to call me after the first treatment and give me her honest review asap.

Her stellar review was not just because I knew them, or because she hoped for a date. She was hooked after session one, and over the top about how great it was to have them come to her home leaving her to melt into slumber without Ambian. She gushed to me about her back being realigned, her energy restored completely, her entire stress filled day dissolved off her back, and by the end of the hour all her anxiety and stress seemingly disappeared. The next day apparently she woke up full of energy, excited for the day and motivated to work out again. i knew from many clients of their practice in Brentwood was rated the best in town, but this is not a chiropractic appointment,it is far superior than just that. Their experience and compassion for truly helping to heal their client’s total mind and body is so genuine-if you’re happy they know they did their job. If you look at their reviews, they always do the job. Time to say a final good-bye to traps of stress and depletion on their program for good!

I’m personally thrilled they have chosen Palm Beach because they are great men, and are genuinely the most compassionate expert stress melting magicians I have ever encountered. Even the most extreme Divas and Celebrities with extraordinary expectations called them exceptional. I found very few people with depth and education like these twin doctors, but because a mobile therapeutic mind-body massage is just that,and that they can come to my house after 13 hour work days and meditate me back into sanity..well that is a welcome addition to anyone’s regiment for self-care and rejuvenation!

Please book  sooner rather than later, not only will it recharge your engines, but because they’re calendars are full already, in only 3 months, with clients of buying weekly and bi-weekly like wildfire. So excited for them, and so excited for all the people on the Island they have yet to treat! Heavenly,Stress melting magical massage..in your own home? Perfection!

Make an appointment soon. I can not stress how awesome you’ll feel for days! #310-350-9696


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