Worth Avenue is starting to stir..perfect day for lunch at Piccolo Mondo


Excellent day exploring the Island to choose our go to Worth Avenue Stores for the 2013/2014 Holiday Gift Season. Having just become a local after fifteen years being seasonal, my perspective of this little town and how amazing it truly is has me falling in love with it like I did when I was a child. By the incredible fortune and some really hard work over a lot of years, I am so incredibly blessed to finally be able to live my Angela Lansbury Jessica Fletcher Cabot Cove Murder She Wrote dream life, and just live on the Island, write, and stay fit marooned here. Since I settled in to my adorable new abode my love of the nooks and crannies tucked all over this town have taken on a rosey new sheen. It may just be me, I admit I am in a pretty good place in life and overly optimistic lately, but is there a new energy bubbling up under the surface and in the air on the Island? I can’t tell you how much fun we had today chatting about my inkling that rejuvenation is all around us with the Great Girls at Sequin-the best store for fun jewelry for every occasion. (www.sequin-nyc.com), with the Fabulous Sherry Frankel at her Melangerie, the funny ladies at Juicy, and some very cool amazing coconut scented Chicks at the Island Company Store (www.islandcompany.com), and I can confirm that I am not alone in thinking this season will be something special on Palm Beach. I personally give a whole lot of credit for the renewed excitement and investments in our Town to Clay Conley and his Partners at Buccan (disclaimer: I eat there 5 nights a week so I am a bit bias) for taking a corner on South County Road a few seasons back and turning it into a destination of choice from Jupiter to Miami, and a standout restaurant in the country at a time when it felt like this town was on Life Support. This season, which is so exciting, we have three new established high quality restaurants putting a lot of money on the bet that Palm Beach is back and better than ever, as well as some new NYC based chic, young stores popping up to cater to a hip youthful generation that is now seeing the Island as their grandparents or parents did when they were young.  Best of all, I have personally found that the Island I love no longer feels like an outdated segregated, quickly aging society town, but a refreshed reawaken thriving and fun Island ready for a rebirth! Bring on 2013/2014–it’s going to be a great one!
Beyond Style’s Fashion Editor Jaime wears:
shorts: Theory www.theory.com
favorite wedges: Stuart Weitzmen www.stuartweitzman.com
sunglasses: Gucci www.s5a.com
BEYOND BEST denim shirt: Bella Dahl www.belladahl.com
Best pizza on the island. #piccolomondo #palmbeach #viamizner shorts #theory my fav wedges #stuartweitzman sunnies #Gucci #denimshirt #belladahl


3 thoughts on “Worth Avenue is starting to stir..perfect day for lunch at Piccolo Mondo

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