Kilian Hennessy brings his newest scent to Saks


Celebrating the launch of the final addition, Playing with the Devil to his Good and Evil collection, Kilian Hennessy stopped by our New York fragrance floor last week to sign perfume bottles and chat with customers. In between photos and autographs, we got the scoop on Hennessy’s new fragrance and learned that the devil truly is in the details.

Your latest scent: Playing with the Devil. Hennessy: People who play with the devil also play with temptation, which I like. There’s a wink in the name, so I needed to find the same wink within the scent itself.  The fragrance contrasts between a lively opening made with blood orange essence, white peach and lychee, and a much more devilish, woodsy dry down.

How do you balance modern tastes and old-world artistry? Hennessy: I have very limited distribution—it really gives me a freedom that others don’t have. What’s important is that my scent expresses the emotion carried by the name. That’s the only thing that interests me.

You’re in New York now…how would you bottle its scent? Hennessy: It’s funny because we’re actually opening our own retail shop in America and it will have one exclusive scent called Apple Brandy, which is an homage to my cognac heritage and a wink to New York

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