What’s the only thing better than cute purses? Cute dogs in cute purses, of course. Thanks to Ralph Lauren, the two have found a perfect union — and it’s for a good cause.

The label has partnered with the ASPCA for “The Dog Walk,” a digital fashion film that depicts rescue dogs modeling Ralph Lauren’s fall accessories.

“We wanted to find a creative way to bring our love of dogs to the Internet age, and we had this second mission, to highlight our accessories collection,” David Lauren, the company’s executive vice president of advertising, tells Women’s Wear Daily. Thankfully, the video depicts dogs strolling through New York in scarves and totes, not tearing apart fine leather goods with their teeth.

Through November 15, 10 percent of the sales of items shown in the video will be donated to the ASPCA. Which of these babies do you want to snatch up?


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