Buccan’s Monday Night Wine Tasting a Refreshing Hit on the Island


Though mainly a word of mouth special event, Buccan’s wine tasting last night, courtesy Far Niente Wines out of Napa, drew a nice sized fashionable, young professional pre-season crowd for an unusually lively Monday night. From 5-7pm the always happening Community Table felt like a Napa Valley Tasting Tour complete with a silver spittoon, a perfect pour of your choice of white or red, and tasty complimentary hors devours. The Winery featured a selection from their Cave Collection including Far Niente Chardonnay, Napa Valley 2011, EnRoute, Pinot Noir, “Les Pommiers”, Russian River Valley 2011, and Far Niente, Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville, Napa Valley 2010. The buzzing of the kitchen in the back, and the extra jovial Happy Hour Regulars can only signal a terrific, even better than last year (which is a feat in itself) Season at Buccan. The chic open air, perfectly lit space was flowing perfection anchored by the fun special event. A complete hit! Can’t wait until the next tasting with Alexander Valley Wines on Nov. 4 5-7pm. http://www.buccanrestaurant.com




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